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Harriette Chang

Heritage Mountain Elementary School

125 Ravine Dr.

Port Moody, B.C.

V3H 4Z1

778 847-2491

Please help RAC grow! WE NEED YOU! For RAC Week February 10-16 2019 to be a success, we are asking for:

  • Help in promoting RAC Week through Social Media and your assistance posting caring and kind stories on our RAC sites (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)
  • Low cost purple T-shirts printed with our RAC logo which we can sell at a non profit
  • Your commitment to practice RAC in your classrooms and communities
  • Invitations for our students to present to different organizations about RAC and RAC Week.
  • A videographer who can help us to make an updated RAC video

Please contact Harriette Chang at 778 847-2491 or

if you can help.  Thank you!

Real Acts of Caring (RAC)

It's about doing something kind for another and not expecting anything back in return.