SUPER Team Update:

An initiative the SUPER team has been working on recently is encouraging municipal governments to pass bills to ban single use plastic to help the environment.  An environmentally friendly way you can help reduce plastic waste is by making your own shopping bag. Shopping bags are a highly common plastic item. A good way to stop using them is by making your own shopping bags out of old clothing. Not only does this reduce the amount of plastic used, it recycles fabric as well. If you do not have any clothes that you want to turn into bags, using old fabric is also a good idea. A lot of thrift stores such as Value Village have a section where fabrics can be bought.

Currently there is a group in Metro Vancouver who call themselves the Fabric Bag Solution. They make bags out of left-over fabric and donate them. The founder started this initiative after a snorkeling trip in the Caribbean where she swam into a patch of plastic bags.  You can help out with this movement by contacting Joanne Morneau at or you can create personalized shopping bags for yourself.  See links below to learn how to make a cloth shopping bag:

Making your own shopping bag is a great art activity to try out that also helps out our environment. Don’t forget to give it a try and next time you go shopping, you can shop in style with a bag you made yourself. 

By Charisse Wang