Taking RAC up north and presenting in Prince George.

The four student leaders who promoted RAC when they were 8 and 9 years old, are still involved in RAC and reflect on how this initiative has impacted their lives.

Real Acts of Caring (RAC)

It's about doing something kind for another and not expecting anything back in return.

Some of our RAC Club members have cut and donated their hair to companies who make wigs for free for kids who have lost their hair.

RAC Club members helping younger students at local elementary schools.

Taking treats to the local animal shelter.

'RAC'ing unsuspecting customers at local coffee shops.

RAC Club Members helping out with Christmas Food Hampers

Real Acts of Caring:

77 Most Popular RAC Ideas

1. Spread the idea of RAC by talking to your local government.

2. Donate your hair (8 inches or more) to a wig making company which makes wigs for kids who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

3. Hold a door open for someone and smile.

4. Donate clothes, games or toys which are in good condition which you no longer need.

5. Out of the blue, make a card for a friend to let them know what they mean to you.

6. Say "please" and "thank you" and be sincere about it.

7. When you're on a crowded Sky-train or bus, offer your seat to an elderly, disabled or pregnant person

8. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while rather than texting them.

9. Ask your neighbour if they need anything when you are running to the store.

10. Donate your used books or magazines to your local library.

11. Praise someone in your life for doing a good job, and mean it.

12. Acknowledge elderly people, help them if they need it, smile, and offer some small talk.

13. When you finish raking your lawn, rake your neighbor’s lawn too.

14. Take a stand for someone who is being wrongly treated or bullied.

15. Buy someone at a local coffee shop a free drink.  You will be amazed at how good it makes you feel to see them look surprised and happy.

15. If someone is short some change, give it to them.

16. When someone is talking to you, instead of thinking of what you will say next, really listen

to what they are saying.

17. Let someone go ahead of you in line.

18. Have good manners.

19. Volunteer and donate some of your time to a charity.

20. Talk to a shy person who is by themselves at a social function.

21. Greet people with a smile and an enthusiastic hello.

22. When you receive good service, tell the person’s manager or boss.

23. Acknowledge people when they walk into the room.  It only takes a moment and we really,

really appreciate it!

24. Leave a newspaper, book or magazine for someone else when you’re finished.

25. Don't complain for a whole week!

26. Leave kind and sincere notes for people.

27. Be respectful and kind to someone you dislike.

28. Teach someone some skills in the cyber world.

29. Give your pet or someone else's pet an hour of positive loving attention.

30. Put your cart away when you’re done shopping.

31. Call or write a teacher who changed your life.

32. Help a friend move.

33. Recycle your garbage, and someone else’s, after a movie, picnic or visit to a park.

34. Volunteer to take care of a friend or neighbor’s pet when they go on vacation.

35. Offer to babysit for a single mother or father.

36. Start a neighborhood garden.

37. Shop at local businesses.

38. Volunteer at a food bank.

39. Be kinder to yourself by embarking on a self-care campaign.

40. Throw someone a surprise party.

41. Give a child a balloon.

42. Volunteer at a senior center.

43. Buy some flowers and go into local businesses

and give out flowers to people who work there.

44. Mentor an at-risk child or teenager by becoming a big brother or big sister.

45. Donate stuffed animals to police and fire departments.

46. Donate items to emergency pet hospitals, such as blankets and towels.

47. Grow your hair long and donate it.

48. Bring a care package to a sick friend or someone in the hospital.

49. On special occasions have people donate to charities in lieu of giving you gifts.

50. Be cooperative and patient.

51. Do one of the chores for someone in your family.

52. Make a favorite meal for everyone in your family.

53. Email them to say that a song or movie (or food or whatever!) reminded you of them.

54. Take a friend out for a treat (drink, ice-cream etc).

55. Write and mail a letter to a friend.

56. Pick up their mail and bring it to the house, ask how they’re doing when you drop it off.

57. Plant flowers in a neighbour’s yard while they are away.

58. Make extra when you are canning, jarring, baking, etc and give it away.

59. Sign up for a special event or class with a friend.

60. Tell a friend about the qualities you admire in them.

61. Give your friend a hug and a compliment.

62. Write a letter to someone you admire telling them how they have touched your life.

63. Let the person behind you in line at the grocery store go ahead of you.

64. Bake bread and deliver it to a fire station, group home, etc.

65. Give cookies to your mail carrier.

66. Make kind cards with affirmation statements and pictures and hand them out to strangers.

67. Smile, talk with, and thank store clerks.

68. Clean up a local park with your friends.

69. Return someone’s shopping cart.

70. Pay the toll for the car behind you.

71. Leave an extra big tip for your server.

72. Bake cookies for a neighbor or teacher

73. Donate to your favorite nonprofit group on your birthday.

74. Volunteer to read to children at your nearest library.

75. Look for opportunities to open the door for someone or give up your seat for someone.

76. Buy lunch for the table sitting next to you as you pay your own. Don’t let them know it was you who paid!

77. Get your parents involved in RAC with any of these ideas above! Turn RAC into a family event so that they can experience how good it feels too.