Share RAC

1. Are you looking for a great way to promote positive leadership in your school? Set up a RAC Club! This year, the RAC Steering Committee will be forwarding any RAC donations to front line care workers.  Email us at to share your high resolution RAC photos and story explaining how you celebrate RAC throughout the year and we will share what you have done on our website.  Please submit a written entry no longer than 250 words to Harriette Chang ( with at least one photo of your RAC activity by Monday, February 27, 2023 at 5pm.  We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your RAC ideas.

2. Watch RAC videos created by Shaw and our students to find out what RAC is about:


3. Check out the RAC Ideas page on our website for our favourite RAC ideas!

4. Lobby at your local city council meeting to promote awareness of RAC Week to your community.

5. If you are an educator, google ‘kindness lesson plans’ to find some great ideas to teach in your students in your classroom and or school.  Always remember to encourage your students to REFLECT on their RAC experience afterwards.  Ask them how 'RAC'ing feels.

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