Real Acts of Caring (RAC)

It's about doing something kind for another and not expecting anything back in return.

Student feedback:

"RAC is fun and I always meet new people."

"RAC is really exciting and I can't actually believe how good I feel inside when I do a RAC."

"I used to be really shy and now I am more outgoing."

"I feel like I have an important role now."

"I really look forward to coming to school because I am a part of something."

"RAC is unforgettable."

"Being a part of RAC makes me feel like I can do something important when I am young."

"I love the look of surprise on the other person's face when I do a RAC for them."

"I even RAC now when I am not at school and my family even RACs with me sometimes."

"I used to be a bully and now I RAC."

The Story of RAC

RAC began at Central Community School in Port Coquitlam in 2005.  Thirteen 8 and 9 year olds heard about the idea of having a kindness week where people committed kind acts and didn't expect anything back in return. 

The students decided to promote this idea in their school and around their community by recognizing a special kindness week in February 2006. 

They wrote letters to the mayor of Port Coquitlam and the idea took off and a proclamation was passed in Port Coquitlam which recognized this special week.

Since then, the idea has spread throughout the School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) and students have lobbied with their local governments to have proclamations passed each year. 

In fact, in 2007 and 2016, proclamations were passed which recognized this special kindness week for all of BC!  

RAC has grown steadily over the years and some of the original students involved decided to change the name to ‘Real Acts of Caring’ Week as they felt that this new name was appropriate.

Lobbying with the local governments in 2007

Now years later, the same students reflecting on how far RAC has spread.