Student feedback:

"RAC is fun and I always meet new people." Keegan grade 5

"RAC is really exciting and I can't actually believe how good I feel inside when I do a RAC."  Sarah grade 8

"I can't believe that someone like me (I am just in grade 7) can make a big difference in my community.  My mom can't believe it either and when she told me how proud she was I saw tears in her eyes".  I thought that I was going to cry too because I felt so happy."  Catrina grade 7

"I feel safer in my school now that we have a RAC program and I am a part of RAC".  Meagan grade 7

"I used to be really shy and now I am more outgoing.  I used to be so scared of public speaking.  But since I spoke at a City Council Meeting in front of everyone (and on TV) I feel much braver."  Kayla grade 7

"I feel like I have an important role now."  Emma grade 8

"I really look forward to coming to school because I am a part of something."  Kim grade 8

"RAC is unforgettable."  John grade 7

"Being a part of RAC makes me feel like I can do something important when I am young."  Michael grade 6

"I love the look of surprise on the other person's face when I do a RAC for them." Devon grade 8

"I even RAC now when I am not at school and my family even RACs with me sometimes."  Samantha grade 7

"I used to be a bully and now I RAC."  Devon grade 8

One day my mom went to Save-On-Foods, and when she went to the Starbucks she saw an old man sitting outside.  So my mom went up to him and asked if he was waiting for someone.  He said that he was waiting for a ride home.  My mom said that if he was still there when she came out of the store she would give him a ride home.  Sure enough he was still sitting there.  So my mom gave him a ride home. 

Hallie Jones, age 9

Once my dad and I went to Superstore and there was a man there paying for his groceries.  He was $6.00 short so then my dad gave him the $6.00 he needed.  The man thanked my dad lots.  I felt happy when I left the store and I’m sure that man did too. Samran, age 11

Once some guy was moving and he was all by himself.  We saw him from our apartment and we saw him carrying things all by himself.  So my brother went up to him and asked him if we could help.  He was surprised and said thank you very much.  After that he became our friend. 
Bamdad Baromandad, age 11

In grade four, I joined RAC.  Anyway, we go to the Hawthorne Centre every Tuesday at lunch and there is a guy there named Jim and he used to be a great artist, but sadly he lost his leg and stopped drawing.  The staff there were trying to get him to get back drawing for two years.  They even bought him art supplies, but he still didn’t draw.  But then I came and said,
“Come on Jim, you can do it, I know you can,” and then he said“Oh fine,” and he started to draw.  I could not believe it.  I got him to draw in fifteen minutes.  That day I changed a man’s life.  Now every time I go there, he is drawing. 
Jack Thomas, age 10

One day my teacher went to Starbucks.  She and her daughters got two hot chocolates and a latte.  The lady behind her forgot her wallet and had no money! So my teacher said that the drink the lady was buying was on her.  My teacher said she was a teacher and at her school they were spreading kindness.  The lady said,

“Oh wow! I’m a teacher too and that is very neat!” Sophia Wall, age 10

One day when I was in grade 3, I helped out a girl named Kelsey who was being bullied.  I heard some girls talking to her and saying,
“You are stupid and you don’t have any friends!” I walked over and said,“She does have friends! She has me!” I grabbed her arm and we walked away.  Because of that we are great friends now.  When I helped her it felt great and I’m so glad that I did.  If I didn’t, who knows what would of happened. Jenna Dawson, age 11

​The Story of RAC

RAC began at Central Community School in Port Coquitlam in 2005.  Thirteen 8 and 9 year olds heard about the idea of having a caring and kindness week where people committed kind acts and didn't expect anything back in return except a good feeling inside. 

The students decided to promote this idea in their school and around their community by recognizing a special caring and kindness week in February 2006. 

They wrote letters to the mayor of Port Coquitlam and the idea took off and a proclamation was passed in Port Coquitlam which recognized this special week.

Since then, the idea has spread throughout the School District No. 43 (Coquitlam), and to schools all over British Columbia and other parts of Canada.  Each year students participate in RAC by committing caring and kind acts.  The students actively promote RAC with governments in BC (both local and provincial) to have proclamations passed.

In fact, in 2007, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 provincial proclamations were passed which recognized RAC Week for all of BC! Students are now trying to take RAC to the 'next level' to make it a more permanent and widely spread idea.


In 2010 the name of the program was changed to ‘Real Acts of Caring’ as leadership students felt that this new name better reflected what they were trying to achieve:  something which they had carefully planned and put thought into - and something which was genuine.